Nebula app not available in my region?

I have acces to google play, and i can download the Nebula app, not via the shop though, its not available in my region “denmark” i had it installed on my phone, but can not register my glasses and get acces to the functionality of the app, because im met with the same message, not available in your region! it does look like its a restriction made by Nreal, but i wonder why they would do such thing, im next door to germany where the glasses are sold, so its a very specific and narrow region restriction. I wrote and asked Nreal but they seem to ignore my request.
Can i work around this crazy restriction or will i have to wait untill Nreal starts selling in my specific country to gain full access to my glasses? Thanks in advance for any usefull answers.

Hi, I’m so sorry about it. The region limit will be unlocked until the glass is sold officially in your country, but we provide a separate download link, you can visit it and get the Nebula app.New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!

Thank you for the solution, im fine with the app not being in my native language if that is what’s holding you back from making it available, and so are the vast majority of potential Nreal users in my country.

We will try to expand the market, and please give us some more time. Thanks for your understanding.

can we use vpn to get access to the country app store for Nreal? I am from singapore trying to develop apps.

Hi, you can download our Nebula app from the following link: