Nebula App VS Firmware utilizing XR1's built-in Adreno 615 GPU

DSP Mode may be a compelling option when glasses do not come with an integrated GPU.
Qualcomm’s XR1 chips do, however, include Adreno 615 GPUs.
GPUs are more efficient than DSPs at screen shifting/scaling/zooming.
Thus a built-in GPU powered OS/Device/App independent firmware solution for head unlocked 2D productivity would make a lot of sense.

Comparison of Firmware based solution VS Nebula App:
Nebula App = 3 screens unlocked from head + heavily device/OS dependent + hammers CPU/GPU of the host device + hammers battery of the host device
Firmware utilizing XR1’s integrated Adreno GPUs = 1 screen unlocked from head + device/OS independent + does not use CPU/GPU of the host device + does not use more power than host device’s built-in screen

GPU powered screen scale/position manipulations should not generate more heat than hand tracking processing done with the DSP.
@XREAL-dev ,
Does XR1 expose DisplayPort input framebuffer to the built-in GPU ?


Hi, I’m not sure if the XR1 exposes the DP input framebuffer to GPU, but I can tell you that we are considering adopting different modes (GPU/CPU/DSP) on our next Gen product. As you mentioned the DSP mode has more advantages, which helps to realize 3Dof on virtual screen.

Very encouraging to hear this @XREAL-dev

DSP Mode and OpenXR have too many benefits to ignore.

I do not have access to XR1 datasheet, though I do not see any reasons as to why a DSP would have read/write access to DP framebuffer and the built-in GPU would not.
Generally, given access availability, GPU is better suited for this than a DSP.
At the end it will come down to balance of latency and power efficiency.

When you say “considering adopting different modes”, do you mean the built-in GPU or the host device GPU ?

I will not be able to purchase the next gen unless small fonts are sharp enough for 2d productivity use without magnification.
I do not believe the Air is quite there yet.
Will the optics in next gen be sharper/sufficiently sharp for my use case?

A less feminine/more unisex version of Wayfarer frames would also be great. Nreal Light 2 would have to have this kind of frame. An “extra large” option could be a game changer.
Clubmaster is another style to seriously consider.