Nebula availability on Google Play in Canada

Hi, Could you make Nebula available on Google Play in Canada?

I doubt it. Not until they go up for sale in Canada. There’s an official APK floating around in a public Google drive folder somewhere on the forum though.
I don’t remember what thread it’s in though.

Why cant you just make it available for canadian ? It was a pain to setup here.

Even using a VPN was not working.

Hi, so you just want to download the Nebula app from GP? If so, maybe you can download it from the following post. Also, we are considering releasing the app to all regions. But the date is not clear.

Say i am downloading this on my iphone, how do i get into the nebula app from here?

Hi, please note that the Nebula app is only for Android phones. On iPhone, the app named ‘Nebula’ is just for NIO cars.