Nebula compatible macbook

Hello i read on an old reddit post about someone using a 2017 macbook pro with xreal nebula.
I am able to get one of these for cheap but would need confirmation first.

Hi, the Macbook that comes with Intel/M1/M2 can be compatible with our Nebula for Mac.

I have a macbook pro 2020 13 inch with Sonoma 14.4 and tried Nebula. It installs and runs but when I switch to AR desktop lots of blinking occurs on the laptop screen and nothing shows up in the glasses.

Normal glasses mode works fine. I thought I had read somewhere that only MacOS before some version works with Nebula. Might be good to mention that at

Actually, in searching for what version of MacOS doesn’t work I found

Which mentioned giving screen record permissions to Nebula. So I went to System Preferences, searched for “record” and sure enough Nebula was there WITHOUT permission. I enabled, restarted Nebula and after lots of odd blinking and screen wildness, have one and two screens modes working fine with Xreal Air. Three screens caused Nebula to crash.

Cool! It pretty much works! :slight_smile:

Could you please check the Task Manager and show me the memory usage of Nebula under three-screen mode?

Yes, will check that next time it happens and also I will collect a crash report if that is possible.