Nebula Compatible testapp?

Would it be possible to create a Testapp we could innstall on our phones in order to ensure the phones are compatible with Nebula and Xreal before we order the glasses? I for one is hesitating to order being afraid it will not work with my OnePlus in Norway. (Nebula is not available On Google Play here)

People could more easily rest assure it wouldwork an even maybe report staus of compatibility for different phones / regions / nettproviders

Would go for a XREAL Air Ultra if I was sure it would work…

Hi, Haraldheide. If you want to purchase Ultra, please make sure to check the compatibility list.

If your OnePlus has a USB2 port (e.g. OnePlus 10), it cannot work physically.

Go and check on and check the comms section for your handset.

You should also try using your phone with a monitor which has a USB-C input. If you get video from the phone via a USB-C cable connections, there is a chance it might work.

I don’t know if there is handsets that have Alt-DP on a USB 2-only USB-C port: that probably won’t work with the Xreal glasses, because I believe they require USB 3 (unfortunately there are no published technical specifications).

XREAL has hinted that a OnePlus 8 should work. Nebula doesn’t with mine which has a LineageOS 13, while passive mode does.

Nebula for Android kind of works with my OnePlus 7 Pro.

But be aware that Nebula for Android has no functional overlap with Nebula for PCs (Windows or Mac).

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Hello, the compatibility list does not include, at least at the moment, the new coming Ultra model (

Regarding the supported indicated smartphones S22 and S23, which exactly versions (ROW and/or EU) are supported?

Thank you!

The compatibility list you mentioned is required to be updated. The current data is not precise. We will update the page after the tests are done.