Nebula does not see Air AR on my Xperia 1 iii

Screen mirroring works fine and I use that pretty regularly, also I don’t get sound. Was able to update the glasses firmware using my laptop where I also confirmed that sound worked.

In experimenting with things I found that when I plugged it into one of my usb-c docks nebula detected it and immediately said that my phone wasn’t a compatible model despite it being on the list of supported phones. I also tried it on the older version of the app and it gave the same results.

Is there a particular OS target that you are aiming for on the app? I have held back my phone at Android 11 to keep a couple things I use which haven’t made it to Android 12 or above yet.

Are there any diagnostics or logs I could attach that might help troubleshoot the issue?

Hi, the model number of your phone is XQ-BC62? If so, please check the connection, the tip usually occurs when the cable is not connected well, the Nebula doesn’t detect DP signal. Please make sure the cable is connected correctly.

That is correct. XQ-BC62. I have now tried all orientations of the cable as well as making extra sure it is securely plugged in and I still get screen mirroring with no audio on the glasses and the “Plug in glasses to enter Nebula.” message in Nebula.

Hi, if you got a mirror screen in the glass but no audio and get the tip in Nebula, then the USB signal is not detected by the Nebula and glass. And I noticed that you tried the glass on your laptop and the audio is fine. So I wondered if the USB signal of the phone is OK. Could you please check if the USB-C port of your phone is working? Like transferring files to your PC by USB cable?

Double checked and was able to transfer files just fine.

Thanks for this test, do you have any USB-C wired earphone or physical monitor that comes with audio output for test?

I’ll give it a shot, I have a USB-C dock that I have used with it successfully but I did audio through bluetooth, I’ll see if hdmi audio works.

Come to think of it I tried out my wireless headset which runs over USB connected to the phone using that dock and rember being surprised that it worked without having any of the proprietary software or drivers, not sure if that helps.

Hi, HDMI Audio will not work if you use the third-party adaptor for the test. Because the audio is transmitted by USB signal by default when direct connection. But it will be switched to DP transfer when working with Nreal Adaptor.

I am not using the adapter with the Air Ar, I am using it to verify that audio output works. Is there any debugging information I could give you that could help?

I know how to use adb and am what you’d consider a power user. Even did a tiny bit of development for android itself, mostly c using the native libraries. Did build management for the android image we deployed for a while too.