Nebula fail to work after MacOS upgrade Ventura 13.3

I updated my macos to 13.3 Ventura, and also the nebula to the latest and also upgraded the neural air.
When I attempt to start the AR glass for three pane … it keeps telling me to reconnect nreal air and restart nebula.

What could be the reason.Nebula is running 0.2.1.
Glass firmware is
And the DP is 1110

Also noticed that the sensor after firmware upgrade is not working … when I remove the air I could see that the display is still no

Hi, it is a known issue on OS 13.3, and we will fix it ASAP.

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Same happened to me. I avoided updating to 13.3 but last night thought to myself “why not”… I should have googled for this before.

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Hello, hope you are doing great and thanks in advance for your hard work. I think many in the community are developers and know how timing in releasing is a har topic to manage between compromises and desired new features, so. I’m asking just because this issue has been around for a while now.

Are there any news for a bugfix release? Latest mac OS updates were described as “due to security issues fix” so those who updated to 13.3 were following Apples advice, and downgrading in some cases is not an option. I think just an estimate would cam down some concerns in timig spectations.

Hope you all are doing great, and thanks so much for all your hard work.


We have fixed the issue internally, just need to release the version officially.

For those who havent seen this yet, there is an updated working version of the nreal website for download.
I just downloaded and tested this and it works again

(talking about the AR aspect here)


Thank you for informing and update.
Thank you real development for the fix.
It is working for me too.

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Glad to hear that you guys can use the Nebula for Mac on the latest OS version :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now it’s now working on Mac OS 13.4 :melting_face:

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