Nebula for Mac not working on Mac OS Sonoma

This is an update to the thread above:

Xreal have advised me that an new version of Nebula for OSX 14.0 is available. I have downloaded and installed it (removed the old version first), and virtual desktop works again.

Thank you @XREAL_Global for your support and friendly contact.

The product has full function again! :+1:t2::smiley:


Great :smiley: with nebula v 0.6 the issue is solved thank you @XREAL-dev Great work


So I want to verify… There was broad concensus that Nebula was broken with Sonoma and some notes that it now works with v0.6.0.

I just received my glasses and tried Nebula for the first time a week ago… and it isn’t a good experience - no (functional) VR Desktop. Can’t fix a desktop anywhere or extend the display (functionally). When I get it to work it only mirrors the desktop and moves with my head. Since I’ve never seen it work, I assume this would qualify as broken. (Note - all updates applied, all the latest software.)

Could it be that I’m using an Intel mac? Is anyone else still having problems with Sonoma or is it only me?

Could you please check if the following setting is enabled?

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Thank you for the fast reply. Unfortunately, confirmed - all settings on that screen match, including the “Displays have separate Spaces” setting.

Since it sounds like it is working for others and not me, I tried several combinations. The cleanest set of symptoms from a clean boot (with apps auto re-open), close Nebula, disconnect/reconnect glasses, restart Nebula… Display Connected says Extended Desktop, Nebula is set for single screen… I get the second screen as a black full-screen Nebula app and it appears to have separate displays for left and right eyes (but still just a black screen). And it still moves with head movement. I’ve tried numerous configurations with number of displays, mirror vs extend, etc. And never can get the display to fix in space (as well as various other symptoms). I’m not really sure what to try but since I seem to be the only person with this problem I’ll go back to Reddit and the Community posts and look for other clues. Thank you!

Hi Sid. What exactly is the problem? I am on a M@ max running Sonoma and using my 3 screens full time every day without issue. If anything only a few I’m sure the devs are working on. I have the latest updates without issue. Not sure what you’re talking about.

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I’m giving up on this version of Nebula mac. One of my coworkers verified the same symptoms on their corporate mac, so it could be something in the corporate approved image. I did invest in a Beam which meets my minimum requirements, but I’d like the promise of a functional multi-display config promised by Nebula. I did receive a Sonoma update and still see the same issues. I’ll anxiously watch for a Nebula mac update and :crossed_fingers: see it working eventually.

Hi dmm2of 3.

I’m sorry to hear of your issues. I’m just a nobody that happens to use Nebula on my M2 daily with 3 screens with very few issues. You mentioned a corp image. I agree, that might be the issue. With the latest updates I have 3 huge screens in front of me at all times. If need be I will recenter the screens but that’s no big deal. Browser, messages and mail in all my screens plus the great sound I get give me good immersion. My external monitors have been removed. Hope you can work with your corp and figure out the image issues. Best of luck.

Thanks @gabekuzman - I know that what you’re doing is the promise and what I’m looking forward to… If anyone has ideas on what would block Nebula, I hope they’ll speak up. I expect it is security-related. If/when I get a chance to troubleshoot I’ll report back. Again - I do appreciate the success of others and look forward to seeing them myself at some point. Cheers!


I don’t know if this was because I couldn’t find it in the docs or because default settings in Sonoma changed. However, I now have a functional Nebula desktop for my mac (Sonoma OS 14.2.1, Intel-based). Here were my steps:

System Settings > Privacy & Security > Screen & System Audio Recording > Nebula for Mac > Switch on

Nebula for Mac Sonoma: I am mindful the software is still in beta, and I am ok with using it as long as I know what is not working and how I can avoid it. One issue I don’t know how to avoid and work around yet is the ‘ghosting mouse’. In the middle of using the 3 monitors, the mouse disappears. I notice when it is not working, the mouse only appears in one eye and not the other. Any suggestions how I work around this?

Any full list of things to avoid or workaround so the very basic use case will allow us to use the virtual monitors would be greatly appreciated as well?