Nebula for Mac not working on Mac OS Sonoma


Nebula for Mac not working on Mac OS Sonoma it is note able to display multiple monitor pls Help is there any update coming soon on nebula to resolve this issue


Hi, the MacOS 14 set a limit for external virtual screens, so the Nebula for Mac cannot render more than one virtual screen now. Sorry about it. We will try to find other solutions ASAP.

Please fix it, i cant work and using its glasses(


yes, please try to sort this out. its the main feature we get this for use with the Mac…


Please fix this urgently. I purchased the nreal Air just 2 months ago to use with Nebula triple screen as my primary productivity setup.

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This is extremely frustrating. I cannot use the product until a fix is available.
Surely you must have known about the incompatibility when testing with OSX 14 beta?
Is it possible to give a time frame estimate for a fix?

Many thanks.

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At a warning would have been nice, so we’d known before updating :frowning:


It seems that every Mac update gives issues. 13.2 and beyond broke the glasses too. At this point i have started to doubt Nreal/Xreal ability to develop at the pace of which OS updates are released.


Wow, rude much? All of you above would do well to remember it isn’t the XREAL devs who broke this, it was Apple’s - maybe aim your vitriol at the right party?

I’d love for Nebula to work with Sonoma also, but if you made a buying decision, or otherwise depended on a feature clearly branded as beta, well I guess you maybe just learned a valuable life lesson…

Developers can’t always counter system updates on time, I totally understand that, but XREAL should at least have issued a warning to users that the upcoming OSX 14 is at present incompatible with their glasses. I wouldn’t have updated if I had known.

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I agree…this is a significant disappointment and work flow wrench. It needs a fix from either party. Fortunately, I was able to restore a backup of my Mac OSX to Ventura to get it working again. But it would be great to get a heads up from Nebula or Apple when full functionality is available for Sonoma for multiple screens. Real bummer.

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Not really… I am a big fan of my glasses. But Nebula has been in beta for 2 years. And if you lose features that you had every few months because they cant develop the same app for updated OS’s then your users will lose confidence in the viability of the product long term.

This is the 3rd time this has happened since owner the glasses. Few months later they will finally sort it out then another month or 2 later they no longer function due to an update.

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Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply. I totally understand the current concerns and complaints. As is well-known, software compatibility depends on the operating system, and operating systems are continually updated and iterated upon. During these updates and iterations, certain features or details may be changed, leading to software bugs. The logic behind Nebula for Mac software involves replicating the content of the primary screen and then rendering it into virtual multiple screens. This process heavily relies on the capabilities of the Mac chip to calculate 3Dof and render the virtual screens. However, as many of you are aware, MacOS Sonoma has introduced restrictions at the rendering level, causing the software to be unable to render multiple screens.

Our product and research and development teams have conducted extensive research into new features and explored numerous possibilities. However, up to this point, most of these envisioned features have encountered roadblocks. We have seen and heard the issues and concerns raised by our users, and we are actively working on new solutions. Due to limited internal development resources and multiple parallel projects, the process of addressing bugs and developing new solutions may be slower. We sincerely hope for your support and understanding during this time.

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Thanks for responding. It’s good to know the team are acknowledging and addressing the issue.

A question: would the 3 virtual screen feature be possible if the xReal Air is used in conjunction with the Beam (which I believe does the 3dof compute) in Sonoma?

I don’t own the Beam but if this re-enables the feature, I would buy it as the additional cost is outweighed by the current loss of productivity of not having the virtual screens.

As Sonoma is public now, you should find a solution. I bought from amazon paying hefty amount of â‚ą49000 in India to work with triple screen on my mac. Downgrading is not a solution. I am sure you will find a solution soon, at least hoping for the same.

Many thanks for the clarification. However, we still have a severely limited product because you didn’t forewarn us of a Sonoma incompatibility, which is the least you should have done.

With all due respect, I would have thought that now having what is now basically an unusable product for users of OSX would be the very highest of priorities to solve.

Every day that goes by without being able to use your product as intended only serves to increase my frustration.

As a new user to the Xreal, I’m disappointed that this cool functionality is not available. At least I did not have taken it away from me as is the case with many other posters.

I have to agree though, that this should be highest priority. As a Mac developer, I completely understand the frustration of the Nebula developers as Apple tends to pull the rug out from under you every now and then. In this case, however, you should have seen it coming since June, when Apple released the first Sonoma Developer Beta. I recommend to always check those out.

That said, the guys from BetterDisplay have figured it out, proving that it can be done. I recommend the Xreal team reach out to them and hire them for consulting if they aren’t even willing to share their solution for free.


Just a thought, if you don’t have the man-power to build the apps yourself while keeping up with the OS updates, why not branch the project and have an open-source version that better devs can keep up to date on your behalf? Based on the 2+ years in beta with this app and the nonexistant windows port it seems like you need the help.

You’d likely sell more glasses and the community wouldn’t be upset every time your sofware breaks. They could probably even come up with new features. It’s a win-win-win.

Downside? It’d be harder for you to sneak in some monitoring stuff that shouldn’t be there in the first place.


Especially since they have taken 200m in funding

You would think but instead they are releasing an Air 2 version of the product. Why they would release more hardware for broken software is beyond me. Im curious if the new product will have the functionality that they sold and marketed have been so understaffed and not able to develop for existing customers for 2 years.