Nebula for Mac unable to show video for some web app and game


I attempted to use the Nebula 3 screen for my online learning - Udemy Biz.

  1. I am able to view video via Safari web browser using the Air 2 pro as a extended display for a course without starting Nebula.
  2. When I start nebula AR, the video image is just a black screen during playback. When I quit nebula the video reappears.
  3. Separate I have been using nebula for my flight simulator game - xplane and enjoyed the extended display feature for a realistic gaming experience. Like the online learning issue, now, while the game display setting could detect three extended display but I could just see black screen.

Appreciate your review and if you could identify the problem.

Hi, the mechanism of the Nebula for Mac is to record the main screen and render it to the virtual screens. So the DRM contents cannot be played on the virtual screen, please note it.