Nebula for macos - pointer not working after changing distance and size

I have Xreal Air with Nebula v0.6.0-955-202310231934 and MacOS Sonoma 14.4.

Things are working generally quite well but when I mess with Distance and Size the mouse pointer gets “dislodged” from the screens. In other words, it seems to “float” and not be associated with any particular window. This happened when I was using three screens as well as just one screen.

I also noticed that above the middle screen was another macos-menu bar of some sort. I couldn’t click on anything so had to unplug the glasses and start over.

Hi, this issue usually happens when the cursor goes to the 4th virtual screen. You can check more details from the following post: Cursor switches to XReal Air overlay and can no longer interact with monitors - Macbook M1 Nebula Beta - #31 by CGamesPlay

Down and left. Very good, will try it next time it occurs! Thanks! :heart: