Nebula from Germany Play Stor Version

I have a Nreal Light on a Sony Xperia 5 II SO-52A from Germany. I installed Nebula from the German Asset Store. Version v3.2.1 (2551). My questions.

  1. When I click on some icons e.g. Photo Gun, no program is started. It’s a 3D application, isn’t it? Why don’t you start?

  2. Are 3D AR apps like
    Ghost Hunter for nreal
    Return to base
    Stylish for real
    Aaron ar
    not preinstalled. I can’t find these apps in the German Play Store. Is there even a 3D app pre-installed?

  3. I saw an APK with Nebula for download on the forum here. Is it possible to install older versions of Nebula (old GUI) without any problems. If so, where can I find these APKs to download

Thank you for your help


Hi, thanks for your questions.

  1. Photo Gun is a 3D app, and the reason why the app cannot be opened is that there is a known bug, we are fixing it now. After the fix, we will upload the new package to GP.
  2. These apps are released on GP and decided by game developers, if you cannot find them on GP, then it is not available. We cannot choose to pre-install them.
  3. Of course you can install an older version, but please note that only one version can be installed. And you can find the older versions in this forum.