Nebula mapping of windows to virtual screens?

How does Nebula decide at startup which windows should go to which virtual screens? It certainly isn’t just putting them where they were previously, as I often find windows on different screens than where I left them last time.

Hi, the Nebula won’t remember the setup of applications. It just copies the main screen of the computer and re-render it to multiple virtual screens.

Ok… is the mapping of windows to various virtual screens random then? Sometimes a I’ll start Nebula and a window will be on the left-most screen (labelled Nrealvirtual-2) and sometimes it will be on the right-most screen (labelled Nrealvirtual-2) . Every now and then (pretty rarely so it’s not a show-stopper… but it is annoying) a window will get mapped to the screen labelled “Air”… which shows differently in each eye of the glasses, and makes it incredibly difficult to access as I can’t seem to get the mouse cursor on this screen… at this point I usually close that window and restart Nebula, then re-open that window and it ends up on the center screen.

Learned a bit more about the issue of how macos windows get moved to different virtual screens on different launches of Nebula… I have somewhat decreased the number of open windows, and I’ve now seen a consistent mapping of macos windows to the same virtual screens over 3 launches of Nebula with a fresh plug-in of the glasses. There appears to be some issue related to how many windows are open at the time of launching Nebula… or possibly how many windows per application… not sure… as all of the windows that I closed were vscode windows.