Nebula not supported on Samsung S21 anymore?

According to compatibility list, it should be fully supported. That’s the reason I just bought this phone, but when I go to google play it says Your device isn't supported with this version. I was able to install it on my super old Samsung S8, which not even on compatibility list, but I can’t do it on this phone.

Ok, digging through the forum I did find link buried within messages. If anyone get same problem, please enabled developers mode, enable debugging and install apk manually. It can be found here:
Someone needs to pin this on top for everyone to see. Also what’s up with all this bs with restrictions by country? That is ridiculous! It’s 2022 already, we are long past dvd region locks, why do we need it again?


Same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. I had installed the app from the store and it worked without any problems, but now I can’t update it because it says my device is no longer compatible. Is this normal? Will it be fixed or is this device actually no longer supported?

It’s not really by country, it’s by carrier. The carriers are who are selling the NReal glasses, so they restrict it to phones they sell (and often just to “5G” phones because they want to market AR as something you want 5G for). It used-to-be that each carrier had its own version of Nebula, which would only work on the phones that carrier authorized, but would also allow installing 2D apps into the MR space (which apparently requires special OS-level permissions only the carrier can allow).

But now, at least Verizon doesn’t offer its own custom version of Nebula, so we have to go with the generic version on Google Play and hope that one works.

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Thanks for detailed explanation, really appreciate it. Now I’m wondering, how is that even allowed to be. In place of Nreal I would just say NO to that nonsense and try to sell glasses to as many people as they can. Actually, come to think of it, I’m guessing that’s what they already doing with apk available from link and dev kits that are no different from retail copies. I guess I wish they would just do it without, what seems to be a sell under the table. Glasses are not great yet, but do have a lot of potential, and with more people exposed to it would bring a lot more people willing to develop for it.

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