Nebula support for one plus 9-nonpro

Good morning
I read thru the other post regarding nebula support for the one plus pro and saw the suggestion to downgrade to Andy’ android 11.

I am in a similar situation, just not with the pro. The nebula app doesn’t seem to detect the phone, and it is a OnePlus 9 LE2117, whereas the website lists OnePlus 9 LE2115 as the compatible hardware version.

Hi, could you please confirm if you also had the issue that the Nebula app is grey and cannot be clicked after the glass is inserted? If so, please also send a screenshot of Nebula with glass connected.

The app will load up with the glasses connected, but the options to click AR space and Air cast do nothing.
See photos below

Hi, thanks for your info, then the current solution is to downgrade the system version of your phone.

Did you try downgrading to Android 11 and did it resolve the issue? Someone is offering me a good deal to buy that same phone, and it would help to know whether it will work or not.

Funny I was just about to update tonight on this.
Specifically on the oneplus9: Most that I found are the le2117 and are locked to T-Mobile.
I tried 2 different 9s that were both 2117s, and neither could be down graded to android 11.
I found 2 methods online, both with great guides, but they didn’t work, and after some further research, the T-Mobile versions are incapable of downgrading to android 11.
I have flashed phones in the past, so I’m not a complete noob to this, but aside from flashing a custom rom, I would accuse against this phone unless you can, in person, verify that it’s 2115 version.

Alternatively, I have ordered the Samsung s20 fe from eBay, for under $200, that will be here tomorrow. Specifically, the SM-G781U, so I don’t foresee any problems

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Appreciate the advice. I’m not using it as a phone, so the carrier doesn’t matter. Whatever I get will be used as an embedded processor on an electric guitar.

Oh let me clarify a bit too, I am not using this as a phone either. I am getting a used phone purely for gaming with this. Be it emulators, steamlink, etc, so carrier is also irrelevant. It just so happens that that specific model from Tmobile, is a headache and not really capable of downgrading.

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