Nebula support for Oneplus 9 Pro

I tested Nreal Light on my Oneplus 9 Pro, which is on the support list.
The glasses can show the display of the phone just fine, so it is working a bit…
Unfortunately I can’t find the Nebula app in the app store.
Can it be because I live in Denmark (close to Germany) that it have been blocked or can there be other issues?

IT does not look like I can change to a German account.

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The nebula app is not available in all countries. You can download the version from the forum or the APKpure one.


Thank you, yes installation manual outside of the Play store worked, but only if you have the newest version, otherwise it will redirect to the store.

I have OnePlus 9 Pro, and the Nebula app runs, but the glasses are not detected when plugging in! :frowning:

I know the glasses work because I can (briefly) get a mirrored iPad screen, and it shows up on the Windows detection page).

Hi, could you please confirm if your Oneplus is installed with Android 12? If so, sorry that Air cannot work normally with Android 12 on Oneplus. Please downgrade to Android 11.

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Yes it is on Android 12, unfortunately I don’t want to downgrade my operating system just to get glasses to work :frowning:

Hi, I’m sorry but this is the limit of the Oneplus system. If you don’t do downgrading, then you cannot use Nebula for the AR experience.

OK. This is one of the reasons I strongly dislike the Android ecosystem and favor the Apple/iPhone ecosystem… half the time things don’t work on Android for no discernable reason, some kind of vendor problem, I don’t know…

I expect the glasses to work as a standard universal USB-C monitor, that would be simple and straightforward base functionality, but apparently that is not the case.

what in the actual F*** !! Why can’t you put what OS the phones need to be on the compatibility list. I just spent 700 on a new phone for the sole Fning purpose of using with these glasses, and I updated all the way to android 12 and only find this threat after trying to figure out why they aren’t working.

this would save ALOT of people time if you listed this straight on the compatibility page.


Hi, I’m sorry for bringing inconvenience to you. The reason why we don’t list the specific OS version in the compatibility list is that it differs from overseas versions. Could you please tell me what specific OS version your phone is built in, for example, ‘LE2110_11_C.65’.

Attached is the OS

OK, thanks for this info. And just like what I imagined, the current version of your system has banned the DP from system level, it cannot be used with Air glass. But you can downgrade the system to the version that is lower than the current C.65, then it can work well.

I down graded last night and it’s working , but will this eventually work?

Assuming I don’t not want to update security wise for a year…

I only bought this phone to work with nReal, if there is a suggestion I am all ears

Op9Pro user here (LE2123) with Android 11 - both Light and Air work fine on it.
I don’t intend to upgrade to 12 just yet. I might go to my Lineage OS build if I really have to move to 12 at some point.

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Would linage OS and this phone work with the glasses ?

Hi, really sorry but the Oneplus system determined this, this system changed the DP channels which prevents the image transmission of glass.

I tested it with 18.1 and it was working fine with g apps, nebula and a few other apps.
I had to revert to my normal ROM for a while but will go back to LIneage eventualy.
You can download the latest LIneage for OP9Pro and Give it a go.


Does anyone know if it works better now with android 13 installed for oneplus 9 phones?

I have a Oneplus 9 (LE2113) and I know it says on the compatibilitylist it works for nreal light, but i have seen different answers on the question so I wondering if someone can confirm that´s the case that oneplus 9 (LE2113) can´t use nreal air and only use nreal light?

I’d like to use Nebula with my OnePlus 9 5G, but I’m not reverting back to Android 11 from Android 13.

Sorry I missed this one, but just an update. I am running Android 13 and Nebula 3.2.1 on Oneplus 9 pro.

Most of the basics seems to work, but I cannot start the games like Maze and so: Perhaps I am doing something wrong, nothing happens when i press. Youtube and so works fine.