Nebula Support on Asus ROG 6D Ultimate

Hello, I have an Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, and the Nebula APP gives me the message below when I connect it to the bottom port. The device is activated and updated via my PC, but I can’t get my PC to share the screen. I really want to use this with my phone.

Am I out of luck until the device is compatible with my phone?

Hi, your phone model is not compatible currently, which means we don’t test this model and cannot guarantee its performance. But I noticed that there are two USB-C ports on ROG phones, you can try to connect another port.

The port on the side locks up the phone and forces a reboot. The port on the bottom recognizes the glasses, the app launches, but I get the attached error in my first message.

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OK, then we cannot help a lot. The error tip usually comes up when the phone doesn’t detect DP output, or is not compatible.

I have an ROG3. For me only the side port works with Nebula. The bottom gives me the incompatible message too.