Nebula update messed up my Nreal Air glasses

  1. So I’ve downloaded Nebula for Mac OS, it’s updated glasses without asking permission, that’s disgusting by the way.
  2. AR futures working but due to low update rate feels not pleasant no use.
  3. When I turned off nebula to use Nreal Air as is, I’ve noticed my image shifted to 20% down, filling top area with different colors. When I’m using full screen apps its strobes with different colors.
  4. Tried on different Mac’s, same image issue
  5. In AR mode don’t have this issue

UPD. Issue was fixed after flashing glasses using this tool
and firmware air_07.1.02.201_20230228.bin

Glad to hear that the issue was solved. The image issue was mainly caused by the firmware of DP part, so it was solved after you updated the glass firmware.