Nebula v Beam (Stability)

Using Nebula via Mac.

When I use Nebula directly (USB-C to glasses), the display is very unstable. It practically ‘wobbles’ with every beat of my heart. It’s practically unworkable, which is a shame when it comes to the multi-screen option.

When I use Bean (USB-C to Beam, Beam to glasses) the display is rock solid. The glasses wobble on my heartbeat, but the display remains perfectly stationary. Of course I can’t use Nebula via the Beam (unless there is something I am missing) so I don’t get three screens.

So, why doesn’t Nebula work via the Beam to add much needed stability?

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Hi, peter. Because there are some APIs inaccessible on Mac, the Nebula for Mac is limited on the Mac. Our dev team is trying to explore a better solution on Mac, please wait for more time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Hi Peter, the issue sounds familiar, because it’s the same on the Windows side.

If you’re not happy with what you have today, make sure to return your glasses before the 30 day return window closes, as Xreal refuses to return afterwards, even if the product is not complete or finished without working software.

For the sake of completeness: they did eventually accept the refund after lengthy discussions.