Nebula webvr demo, issues

I am trying WebVR examples with the Nreal air classes in the Nebula browser.

One such demo is Immersive VR Session

The issues I am heaving:

  • when clicking “enter VR”, the scene appears begin the page but the page does not disapear. So the page floats in the VR set.
  • The VR experience is very jittery, while the browser frame that float in front of is is stable and good quality.

So my questions are:

  • Are there some nreal nebula compatible WebVR/AR/XR demos?
  • Is there a better place than this forum to file bugs?



Hi Svdh,

  • Nebula actually causes the problem you met like the jittery VR experience. And of course, we’re optimizing it.
  • Discord is a better place if you have any other questions and want to communicate with other developers more efficiently. You can join our discord at this link. Nreal Community