Nebula with video record function

Hi, is it possible to do video record with Nebula? I heard there is a developer mode with Nebula, but I can’t find the detail instruction on the nreal web site…


starting Nebula, then starting mixed reality, now you can see on your phone the nreal logo, press it a lot until a breadcrumb is telling you, you’re a developer now, then you can press the battery icon above your MR app drawer to open the dev tool menu to start the recording. the dev menu wont be recorded. the files are under: internal - Android - data - ai.nreal.nebula.universal - files


Thank you for the tips!! however, I pressed the nreal logo so many times, I can’t get the breacrumb come up…
I’m using nebula vr Do I have to get the newest version?

hmmm maybe start nebula without the glasses go to About and press the app icon to activate the dev mode beforehand - go then to settings and dev options and turn it on maybe?

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I was able to activate the dev mode by tapping the app icon in about secion ! Thank you again!! :grinning:
but after I put the glass on, nothing came up, even I press logo and battery icons. :disappointed_relieved: So I guess I will try the new version of nebula…

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