Nebule for multiple screens is not working on Mac

Can somebody help me getting it work? My xReal air 2 pro work fine on Mac Pro and iPhone but now I want to use Nebule for multiple screens. I start the software and connect the glasses. Tried different combinations. No connected extra screen, only my laptop-screen.

1 screen / 72 Mhz: I see 2 white boxes on the laptop screen and one white box on the glasses. They move if I move my glasses.
2 screens / 72 Mhz: makes the app crash after 5sec.

Correct right given in iOS Desktop & Dock
Nebula version 0.8.0 (1081)
Current MCU firmware version is:
Current DP firmware version is:1140
iOS 14.4.1, 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

Hi sr.heye,

Thank you for reaching out. Currently, Nebula for Mac only supports computers with M-series chips. Unfortunately, it will not work on Mac models with Intel processors.