New app update with 3d capability?

I belive i sawe some where that the newest nebula version supported sbs 3d? activated by a longpress on the brightness rocker, i dont know wich version number it was supposed to be?
Im currently running the universal apk version 1.2.3 because the app is not available in the stores in my region.
I would really love to have that feature, are there any plans to add it to the universal apk in the near future
or will i have to wait for full functionality until i can access it in the app store?

Hi, the following version comes with the firmware of Air which lets you use the 3D function. If you use Nreal Air, then please download and install the following Nebula app. And I have to tell you that the latest Nebula is much different to the current app you used.

That is just awesome! i cant wait to try it out. Thank you very much for the answer and the fast response.
Are there any chance you can provide a link to a changelog for the apk?

Please check the following release note for this version:

  1. Add 3D function which allows the users to press Brightness + button for 2s and switch to 3D. Please note that this 3D function is only suitable for 3840*1080 SBS videos;
  2. Optimize the red image issue on iPad (only for the iPads which come with USB-C interface);
  3. Fix several known issues.