New Interface on Nreal Nebula US website?

I was looking at the nreal webiste (USA) and there seems to be a new interface ? Is this for Verizon phones only or something that is going to be released in an update ?

I’m not seeing it, where do you see the new interface? Everything in the Nebula section looks like what I see in the glasses.

The webpage now shows an interface where you get to select 3 different types of head poses as well as windows…

Do you mean where you can choose MR Space, Full Screen, or Side Screen? You can do that with the existing Nebula by pulling down the Notifications after choosing AirCasting/SideCasting, it’s at the bottom of the notifications. It’s not on the screen at the same time as the casted content, they just did that in the screenshots to explain what it’s showing.

I think I know what they’re talking about. It’s been taken down, but on the site, there used to be a “3rd person” view of the nebula MR interface. There were some extra icons across the top where the buttons for follow mode and the sound and brightness sliders would be on the MR interface.
I couldn’t tell what they were but there were like 2 extra buttons in comparison to the actual four you see in MR space

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