New MR app on the play store?

I was browsing the play store for new MR content, and I happened across this new app? (Screenshot attached)
It looks interesting but it’s expensive and it looks like it’s only in Korean, for the moment, at least.

If anyone knows anything about this game or decides to download it to try, I would love to hear about it.

Wow, $25? And here I was thinking the $5 I was going to charge for my app might be too much…

I bought it - it shows up in the NReal MR section, but when you launch it, after splash screen on the phone screen, it crashes with an unknown error - literally. “Unknown Error - please contact NReal’s customer service”.

It’s by “Realwith”, same publisher as Ghost Hunter, which has the same issue for me. I read somewhere that apps now crash when not built for Android 11, or something, maybe that’s what this is. This is on my Samsung S20 FE.

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Well that’s no good. Hopefully you got a refund from the play store, unless you’re waiting for a patch or something