New Nebula App (V3.8.0) for Non-GP Users!

Hi, community members! V3.8.0 Nebula has been released! This post will be helpful if the Google Play Store is inaccessible in your region.

Release note:

  1. Compatible with Air 2 Ultra.
  2. The pet dragon introduces the “Watch Fireworks Together” and “Cute Dragon Treasure Hunt” gameplay, as well as gesture interaction (only supported on Air 2 Ultra and Light glasses).
  3. The space browser adds resolution adjustment function.
  4. TV adds the Red Bull Experience Channel (available only in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and Korea).

Download link: Universal-v3.8.0-5055-202403281857-release.apk - Google Drive

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Thank you for the new update. Could you please share information regarding NRSDK version deprecation in future Nebula releases?
It is important to know the company’s technical roadmap deprecation plan as it would be dissappointing suddenly discovering that NRSDK v. 1.10.2 that is being used nearly for a year now for the Unity apps that I develop for use in paneuropean universities/institutions is not officially supported.

Thank you,

Petros Louca
University of Cyprus