New sdk release today! I have a question! 😎

I have blackview bl8800 pro 5g and i bought this phone because its a phone with big battery and have all the new technology like FLIR camera,termal cam that i plan to use with glasses and be like a RoboCop :robot::nerd_face: and I can’t get this phone work with the nreal air.
If you can help me with that it will be great beacuse the battery last for 3 days…
And it will be the to thing ever!

And im searching for a second phone if i cant thw blackview work, so i saw today the new sdk and the phones that work with all the features.
I thing to take the oneplus 7t.
What to think?
I dont have a lot of money to invest in a new phone new…
Thanks for the help!
Amazing product, love from israel :israel:

Hi, the chipset of Blackview BL8800 pro is MediaTek which doesn’t allow 4lane DP, then the Air glass cannot be used.

Please you tell me if the oneplus 7t wil work with the nreal air?
I saw in the last release of the sdk that they tested the new sdk on some phone and he is on the list.
What do say?
I don’t want to left behind and want good chipset for this technology.
Also with The Renegade Project win11 on android i need Snapdragon chipset 845 and above.
But what chipset will work perfectly?

Hi, the best chipset is Qualcomm 855 and above. And Oneplus 7T can be used with the Air glass. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The 855 faster then the 855+ right?
And 888 i saw that he had some problems in the last sdk.

From the technical part, the 855+ should be better than 855.