New Version of Nebula(V3.1.1) for Non-GP Developers!

Hi developers! We have released V3.1.1 Nebula finally! In order to let every developer have access to the newest apk, I have uploaded it to the link below. You can download the new version from the following link if GP is not accessible in your region. Please feel free to let me know if you have any issues during downloading. Thanks!


Oh perfect thank you :heart:

Yes I have Problems after upgrading it. It Always asks me to verify my E-Mail Adresse and when clicking in verified, it just doesnt continue and i cant get to the nebula app

Nevermind, it has already been fixed

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Thank you. Got a few questions about this new version:

  • How to disable the account login prompt? I’m not fod of being forced to login to use the glasses.
  • Is it possible to remove/hide tiles?
  • Is it possible to set the background to “transparent” ?
  • Is handtracking added to this version along with the option to turn the phone screen off?
  • Is there support in Nebula for Finch ring? (the one that you’re partners with - finchxr)

Hi, please check the following answers:

  1. The account login is required in the new version and cannot be disabled, sorry for it.
  2. I’m not sure about the ‘tiles’ you mentioned, could you please give me more details about it?
  3. No, the background cannot be configured as transparent;
  4. Hand tracking is not added this version, but supposed to be added to the next;
  5. Chinese version of Nebula supports the ring.
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Lovely User Interface! Thanks for the update.
It would be perfect if I can make application folder for arrangement!

Thank you for the swift answer. :slight_smile:
2. By tiles I mean the app shortcuts.Would be nice to be able to hide/remove some of them.
5. Thank you for the info. I’ll look around for the Chinese version of Nebula and give that a go.

  1. The Bookmark can be removed, you can remove them in Browser. But you cannot remove the default apps.
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Great suggestion, I will give feedback.

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