Next Gen 70deg FOV Glasses with Clear Lenses

Hi @nreal-dev

Nice to see Xreal come out with the Beam and HDMI adapter cable. This finally turns Air into a compelling productivity device.
The only remaining barrier is lens ghosting/blurriness.

Will Xreal be able to overcome lens clarity issues in next gen glasses?
Is there a new model planned for end of year with a 70+ degree FOV?


Hi, we will try to improve the performance of Optic engine on our new glass.

Rumour has it XReal’s next gen will be based on Ant Reality single panel optics with 85 degree FOV. I hear ghosting will no longer to be an issue with that design.

Ant Reality, on the other hand, is pitching productivity only with their dual panel 120 degree optics, which supposedly have sufficient PPD for the task.
Will single panel Ant Reality 85 degree optics provide enough PPD for productivity or will Xreal continue catering exclusively to entertainment needs?