No sound in fold 4 with Break Air

Hi , just bought my air and tried it on my galaxy fold 4, I couldn’t get any sound from the glasses - not in screen mirroring , Dex or even nebula . The sound only comes out from my phone. I tried to change the media output but no option was available. I tried holding down the power button and the brightness button, still nothing . Any help?

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I am having the same issue with nreal light/Fold3. No sound and not connecting to nebula.

Hi, please install the Nebula app on your phone, then do a forced firmware update for your Air glass.

Thanks for your reply, I have Nebula installed and tried forced firmware update, still no sound… any other idea?

Are you on Android 13?

Yes , I am on Android 13

Are you getting sound when you connect the glasses to computer or an IPad?

Just like what @ravindah mentioned, please check if there is any sound when connecting to PC or iPad?

Hi there, I tried it on PC, it’s working fine (sound came out of the speaker on the glasses)

So the problem is Android 13? When can we expect a fix?

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Glasses connecting to nebula on your phone? And are you able to connect to AR space?

Nebula is installed on my phone, it’s working but again no sound from the glasses. Ar space is working, again no sound

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Then this issue should be caused by the system. The Android 13 is incompatible with our glass at present.