No Swiping - Apps Help

I really like the fact you can sideload apps to the x-real beam, but I am have difficulty in navigating them.

For example, the auto-loaded Netflix app. When it opens, there’s usually a big splash screen for some content that I am not interested in, yet it is very hard to get to the content I actually am interested in.

This is because most apps for Android are built for phones or tablets, and they have responsive screens so you can easily swipe up and down. However, I have not found a way to do this with the Beam. The up/down buttons do nothing.

Am I missing something? I have downloaded several streaming apps that work brilliantly on the beam but I cannot use them as I can swipe up/down to get to the content ‘below the line’

Hi, please go to the Settings ->Application Management->Select Netflix->Interaction Method->Cursor. Then the up/down button can work well.

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