[Notice!] Mac Nebula V0.2.1 cannot be compatible with OS13.2 & above

Hi all! The Mac OS 13.2 and above are incompatible with V0.2.1 Mac Nebula. Because the OS doesn’t allow the Nebula to get the MCU data of glass, that is why the glass cannot normally work with Mac Nebula in OS 13.2 or above.
We will try to fix the issue ASAP. Before that, please do not update the OS if you still need to use Mac Nebula. Thanks for your understandings.

For nreal light, we tested MacOS with versions 12.4 and 13.1 during the week, but the results are the same.

Could you please confirm if both of the OS cannot work with Nreal Light?

Yes both OS could not work. The error is the same symptom as the content of my post.