NRea Air Firmware Updates

The latest update for Air has been very buggy. Most of the time, it only has audio and no display when using on steamdeck. This was not happening before the update to latest firmware. I hope the devs come up with a new update to fix this.
Is there a way to revert back to old firmware? I only have a steamdeck to use and a low spec laptop. I don’t have a compatible phone to use nebula.

Hi, do you only use 30fps on Steamdeck?

Following, as I had this same issue. I actually returned my pair and bought a new pair and am now terrified to run any updates in fear of rendering them useless again. Right out of the box pre-update they have been working great!

I found out that after a update it doesn’t support PAL anymore. Only NTSC.
I want to know how to downgrade

Hi, use this link to downgrade. They sent me this to revert back to previous version.

Hi, seems like our glass only supports 30fps (which is NTSC) and 60fps.