Nreal Air 4K 120Hz Per Eye

Nreal Air 4K 120Hz per eye. When is it available? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, maybe we can consider this request for the new products in future.


Not even 4k. 2k 120hz per eye and 60° FOV you got yourself a buyer.

But I have some suggestions if you are open to listening.

This product has a great potential to replace smartphone screen. With smartphone screen we get lot of neck problems, many problems gets solved with nreal air glasses if done right. I don’t mind the wire connecting to smartphone. But it needs more smartphone functionalities. Calling should work with glasses, Google map navigation should work, I should be able to use the glasses’ camera to click photos and scan QR code for payments. There should be one more small Bluetooth pointer device where I can point and click for entering pin code and typing messages instead of using phone as a pointer.

Your suggestions are really appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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2k 120hz per eye and 60° FOV

Make it 80 degree FOV and that is perfect.

It’s a Vision Pro killer if under £500

I don’t think anything above 50° is possible without compromising the thin form factor. Think about it, if you need 80 degree FOV you literally need bigger space for display and prism lens and that will defeat the whole purpose of these AR glasses looking like ordinary sun glasses. I would say increase a bit may be 55° or 60° if only it is possible without losing the slim form. 120hz and 2k or 4k display for each eye will be a killer combo. There will be no competition, nothing will even come close if the price is similar to what it is now.

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