Nreal Air deffect?

Hello my Nreal Air seems to have a deffect, when I put it on everything is fine after a few minutes right screen becomes colorless as if it were a night vision in gray tones but at the same time the left screen is fine and also the speaker on the right no longer works. If you bend the right bracket where the USBC connector is, the screen becomes fine again but doesn’t stay and the speaker stays off. Is this a loose contact ? But at the beginning in the first minutes if plug in it works. I ordered the glasses via ebay from China.

Hi, could you please tell me what device you used for the glass to work with? PC or Android phone? Also, you can check if the connection cable is inserted in the wrong direction. By the way, I have to tell you that we don’t have an official online store on eBay.

Hello, unfortunately it makes no difference whether I use it with the cell phone or pc. My smartphoneis a samsung s21 with snapdragon processor. I bought the glasses through a store on Ebay not directly through Nreal. The straight end of the cable is in the smartphone and the bent end is in the glasses.

Hi, then you have to replace your current Air glass. But you purchased it from eBay which is not our Nreal official, so we cannot provide full after-sales service.

Hello, i could get the purchase receipt from the ebayer in Japan would it help ?


I had a white noise with my first pair of glasses (left side). I found that if I applied pressure at the left side fold joint of the glasses the problem went away, I did manage to fix the problem by applying a fair bit of pressure. As I purchased mine from a local EE store, I did however decide to have them replaced, I was still within the 30 day period.

Hi, please contact EE for replacement, this glass should come with a hardware issue.

Yes had the same problem too, looks like a manufacturing defect. After applying pressure on the leftside below joint blank screen problem goes away. Looks like a connection problem after continued use

Finally managed to get mine replaced. I purchased directly from my local EE store and was still in my 30 day return period.

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I got exactly the same issue! I brought from EE online, I am calling them now to get replaced but worried I will get another faulty one.