Nreal Air does not connect

Hi, I need help, my nReal Air just arrived but it won’t turn on, I have a Macbook Air M1, a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and a Steam Deck, but none of these devices recognize the glasses over USB, therefore, I can’t activate the glasses, what am I doing wrong?
(I’m using the official USB cable).

Hi, could you please check if the connection cable was inserted in the wrong direction? Also, please tell me if the Air glass was recognized by your Mac when it was connected.

Hi, The cable is in the right direction, with the curved part in the glasses.
The mac unfortunately does not recognize the glasses, neither does the Steam Deck.

After a nice chat with nreal-dev, we have come to the conclusion that unfortunately, the glasses have been shipped defective by the seller.

OK, thanks for the info, really sorry for the experience you had.

Hi, I’m not giving up, I have already ordered a Nreal Air from Amazon USA :smiley:

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