Nreal Air Glasses from Japan and Smartphone from Germany?

On the official compatibility website from nreal you can select different Regions. Some region Smartphone lists cross each other, like Japan and Germany and the S21.

On the Japan list you can pair an Samsung Galaxy S21 with nreal Air and nreal Light and use Air Casting, on the German list the same phone is only listed with nreal Light.

If I were to import the nreal Air Glasses from Japan to Germany, where my S21 was bought from, will I be able to use Air Casting and MR Space?

Hi, about S21, we recommend purchasing S21 from Japan Docomo too.

Yes, I know that you recommend the S21 from Japan.

If I buy an S21 from Germany and import the Nreal Glasses from Japan, will I be able to use MR Space?

Hi, it’s better not. The hardware should be enough, but we cannot make sure if it is OK in system side. As you can see from the compatibility list, the S21 is compatible with Light in Germany. The reason that we don’t list Air on it is that S21 Germany version is not fully tested with Air internally.

I asked the same question on Reddit, I got a complete different response, also from a “u/NrealAssistant”. I’m getting entirely different answers on different forums. There is no clarity and no transparency. I’m aware that as a team you’re doing your best, but the confusion and lack of information in exhausting.

I hope you understand, that now I’m sitting here not knowing in whom I should trust.

Is the Reddit page even from Nreal? Are these “Assistants” part of the Nreal team?


2 days ago on Reddit r/nreal

Afternoon, a German Samsung Galaxy S21 will work with the Nreal Air for full features including the MR Space and Aircasting. They will match fine.

Samsung smartphones released in different regions use different chipsets which are important when it comes to the MR Space.

Aircasting will be available as long as your device supports DP Alt mode through a USB-C port.

Hi, sorry for the different responses. the Nreal Assistant is from Nreal, she is a part of my team. Let me clarify this for you. The S21 Germany version is compatible theoratically. That is the reason that the assistant told you they could work well. Just like what I mentioned above, we cannot make sure the S21 of the Japanese version and Germany version are totally identical in terms of hardware and software, and we only fully tested Japanese version, UK version and Chinese version for Air, so we cannot guarantee that S21 from Germany can work with Air perfectly. Hope this explanation can be clear for you now.