Nreal Air horizontal and vertical banding, sometimes flickering


My brand new Nreal Air has a banding and flickering issue. On the left screen there are thin vertical and horizontal bands. It is more visible when the picture is dark, and the horizontal lines are even changing brightness like some kind of noise. Occasionally the whole left screen is randomly flickering. The flickering seems like related to the brightness, maxing it out usually cures the problem but the banding is always there. Again, this is only the left screen, the right does not have any visible problems.

Tried with two different laptops and with two different phones, all in mirror mode only, all four devices are doing the same.

Firmware files tried: and air_07.1.01.192_20221022.bin. I don’t remember having the issue with the original firmware, but I did not use much the device with that as on low brightness it had an annoying constant flickering and false color on both sides, so I upgraded after a few minutes of use to 20220914.

I have two videos, one with the noisy banding without the flickering, and one with the flickering.



Hi, could you please send me the videos? Thanks in advance. Also, I noticed that you mentioned there is no such issue in original firmware, older than 0914?


Yes I can send the videos, just give me a method to send please.

On the pre 0914 firmware the flickering on low brightness was so distracting I did not pay attention to any details, but I did not notice the banding. I would be happy to try it again to verify it.


I have shared the videos here:

The banding is not really visible through the web player, you need to download it and play it locally. The flickering is visible through the web player.

Hi, thanks for your videos. I checked them carefully, and the banding video seems normal from my side. But the second flickering issue is clear. I noticed that the flickering only happens on the left lens. Could you please try to re-connect the USB cable and check if it is better? If the issue still exists without any change, please contact our after-sales team for further help.


Yes, the problem is only on the left side, both for the banding and the flickering. The banding is only visible if you play it locally as the web player compression smooths the thin bands out.

I have tried on four different devices and it is showing the same symptoms on all four, so obviously it was disconnected in between. Tried different usb cable and it is the same.

did you got a solution ?
is happening to me in the air glasses after updates :frowning:

Hi, do you also get the flickering issue? Could you please tell me if the issue occurs on mirroring mode or 3D mode?

yep is. happening to me also.
It flickers and make noise only in the left side.
Is weird because sometimes is ok and after some minutes it starts having that problem.

Is there any way to get a replacement ?
I have the receipt of the purchase and it stills in the first year of warranty.

Is the air model.

It sounds like the connection issue. Please contact for further check if your Air is still under warranty.

I returned mine as it had too many issues, some of them were by design, some of them fault.