NReal Air iPad Pro M2 top banding

I have an iPad Pro M2 on 16.2. Successfully updated and activated the NReal Air today (12/30/2022), but still see a band at the top of the screen. It looks as though the display is shifted down as well in reference to what I can see on the iPad. My main use for these will be to monitor what I record in Filmic Pro using HDMI out. Other than the band, the NReal Air looks great and I really hope the issue can be resolved. I have done a hard reset on the iPad, and also tried different settings in the display settings.

Hi, really sorry about the issue you got. Please confirm if you used third-party adaptors for connection, please send me a pic that can show your connection if possible. And also, could you please tell me the current version of your Air glass?

same issue here. Nreal AIR last firmware updated today. The banding is visible on mac and ipad.

When I did the firmware update I only performed the MCU update, thinking the DP update was for the adapter (which I do not have). Both firmware updates need to be completed for the glasses. Everything is working fine now.

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Thanks a lot for the solution. It works !!!

Got the same issues , find the link

all work perfectly now !