Nreal Air no sound Windows laptop

Hello, just got the Nreal air a few weeks ago and have been using it with the adapter for the iphone and it’s been great so far.

However, I plugged it into the USB-C port on my laptop and can see the screen but there’s no sound. Is that normal? I see the Nreal Air as a speaker in the system sound icon and can control the slider, but nothing comes out of the speakers on the glasses. I tried changing the volume on the glasses too and nothing changes there either.

Just wondering if there is something that I am missing or if the sounds just isn’t supposed to work with Windows 10.

Hi, if your Air glass works well on your iPhone, then the speaker of the glass should be OK. Please check if the audio driver of your PC works without any issue, you can try to update the driver first. If the issue still exists, please visit this link: Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update (keep the glass connected to your laptop). After that, please click the ‘connect’ button and check the current firmware version.

What audio driver would I need for my pc - is there a driver that I can download for the Nreal air? The speakers on the glasses seem to be fine since it works with my iphone. The pc speaker works as well. It’s just when it shows the nreal air as a speaker that it doesn’t.

Then could you please show me the current firmware version? Thanks in advance.