NReal Air not working anymore

Just got the NReal Air glasses days ago. I have Samsung Z Fold 4 and Macbook Pro M1. The glasses is working fine on both devices as an external display though it’s glitchy using Nebula (Android and Mac).

I saw this video about XRAI Glass app that does text-to-speech which is really cool because I have difficulty hearing clearly. I tried it but as I mentioned, the Nebula is not working properly so I cannot use the AR space. Tried searching online how to make the AR space work and someone mentioned in this community to try installing the APK from this link: New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!. Tried installing the 3.2.1 version and this is when the glasses started not working.

In both android and mac, the glasses is not recognised as external display anymore.

When I use Nebula in mac, it will display “Please reconnect the glasses and restart Nebula” even though it’s already connected. In my android, Nebula shows my device is not compatible. I search what’s the issue and someone said it’s a cable problem but I don’t think so. It was working before I installed that APK.

I uninstall the Nebula app in android and install a new one from the Playstore but still nothing. Uninstall it again and downloaded and installed the 3.2.3 version this time from New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!. Still nothing.

Right now, the glasses is just normal glasses. It does nothing.

Hi, the current issue seems to be due to the DP. There are several steps that you can take. 1. Please connect a physical monitor to your phone by USBC interface, and check if there is any image; 2. If yes, please connect the glass with you PC/Mac, and go to XREAL Air - Firmware update by Chrome, and do updating for your glass. Please note that DP is required to be updated.