NReal Air Not Working with OnePlus 8 5G Model IN2017

Despite appearing on the list of compatible phones, when I open Nebula and plug in the NReal Air glasses, it states

Unfortunately, This phone cannot be supported Audio Video Transmission, please visit official website and checking “Nebula Compatible Phones”:Nebula

Has anyone else run into this problem? What can I do?

In a different topic, they confirmed it is due to the Android version (?) on OnePlus:

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Hi, developer. Please check the details of the system version, including the subversion. Also, please check if your cable is inserted well, the bent end should be connected with glass.

Thanks. The cable is connected correctly (bent end in glasses).

@codinghorror was likely correct in that it is Android 12 being the problem. I am currently in the process of downgrading back to Android 11 for the time being.

Is there any ETA on when issues with Android 12 will be fixed? Or if it is even possible?

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Hi, we are trying to discuss with Oneplus about this issue, there may be a better solution for it.


Any updates on this?

I LITERALLY purchased my OnePlus 8g phone (T-Mobile) simply because it was compatible with NReal (I’ve been following your products for several years, waiting for them to be more easily purchased in the USA). I had never even looked at OnePlus until I saw it listed on an article about the original NReal glasses.

To find, after finally getting my glasses, that this phone is listed as compatible but in practice does nothing, is beyond disappointing.

I really don’t want to have to wipe my phone (that I’ve had for 2 years now) to use these. :confused:

Please tell me there’s another option?


Hi, do you mean Oneplus 8T? Do you get any error tip when connecting the glass?

The model is “OnePlus 8 5G”
The model code is IN2017

This is different to the issue above. Please check if the USB-C port of your phone is OK. You can try to connect a physical monitor to it and see if there is video output.

I don’t see video using a straight usb-c to hdmi. :frowning:
The same cable works with my Mac, so I believe it is functional, unless there is something special about what I need to use the phone.

Presuming it isn’t the incorrect cable, is this a settings thing, or is my phone defective?

Oh, your physical monitor comes with an HDMI interface instead of USB-C. If you already tested the cable, then the USB-C interface of your phone needs to be tested too. Also, you can use older version of Nebula to check if it is OK.


I am the original poster here and just wanted to chime in and say that my NReal Air glasses still do not work with the OnePlus 8 using Android 12.

I believe there may be a technical reason. A change that was made in the transition from Android 11 to Android 12.

I would greatly appreciate it if the company behind NReal would remove OnePlus 8 from their list of compatible devices, because it simply is not true anymore and has not been since Android 12 released.

I have a usb-c to HDMI cable that I use to connect my MacBook pro to my screen, and that’s the one I tried with the phone

I did try the link above, and it was encouraging… Temporarily. I ended up with a different error, but still no display.

I see from the post here from the OP that they were unable to find a fix after what seems to have been quite a search.

I am willing to downgrade to Android 11, if that’s what it takes, but obviously that hasn’t been my first choice, and I’ve not been able to do so anyway (I went ahead and tried this morning, but I think I’m using the wrong variant of the install - I can get the ‘myapplication’ to get to the point of looking for the local install, but the 3 or 4 versions of the 3.4GB’ish fine all seem to be incompatible).

Hi, thanks for your further info. Please confirm if the USB-C to HDMI cable was working on your phone to a monitor. Also, the new error tip means that the DP signal is not detected, which is mostly caused by the faulty USB-C interface. So if the glass can be used with your Macbook without any issue, then the interface of your phone is broken.

I never really suspected the glasses had a problem. It seemed more likely a matter of software.

I hope to get to T-Mobile soon to check the USB output on the phone. I’ll report back if I hear anything interesting.

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T Mobile sent me a new OnePlus 8 5g. The new phone is working, and I’m finally seeing the AR functions for the first time - which is great and awful.

Great: The AR system is fascinating, and I have a bunch of things I’m looking forward to exploring.

Awful: The system is already nagging me about updating, and despite disabling updates on restart via developer options, I’m concerned it is going to follow through on its threat to auto update “Between midnight and 6am, after August 2022.”

Everything I’ve read suggests the updates will re-break the video-out. :angry:

I am open to suggestions. I would really love to see this work properly. Like other users here, I actually, literally, purchased a OnePlus specifically because I wanted to use Nreal. :confused:

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your update! Really glad to hear that the Air glass works on the replaced Oneplus phone. About the update notification, if you disable the updates in developer options, it only controls the update of the glass firmware, instead of the Nebula app.

I was not concerned about NReal/Nebula updates, should I be?

My concern was Android system updates, since everything I read says that Android 12 will break the display out function.

I turned off the system updates everywhere I could, and I set airplane mode every time I charged over night, and all was well. I couldn’t keep that up though, and I forgot last night. Woke up to a “Congratulations! Your phone updated successfully!” message this morning.
I panicked (cursed a couple times), then tried the glasses… They still work!

However, looking more closely at the system report, it was only a security update and the phone is still on Android 11, so maybe all the disabling I did just prevents major version updates? Regardless, glad I can leave airplane mode off at night, now - that was a pain.

At this point, I can neither confirm nor deny that Android 12 is my nemesis, but the old phone definitely had a problem, this one is still working after at least a minor update, and I’m happy for now.

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I just wanted to check in and report that Nreal Air is not compatible with Android 13 either.

I wasn’t expecting it to be, since OnePlus probably didn’t magically turn on the display feature they shut off for Android 12.

However, I don’t expect any version other that Android 11 to ever work with Nreal Air and I wish they would update their website to state that (at least for the USA).