NREAL AIR - Screen Tearing (Simulation)

I have just recently purchased myself a pair of the Air Glasses and I am very happy with them so far! I started by plugging them into my gaming Aorus laptop with the provided usb type-C and head tracking software for the immersion experience in MSFS2020 which is fantastic!

The issue happens when I move my head to look around at the scenery, I notice the picture distorting as if it’s tearing (screen tearing if this is the right term). It only happens in split seconds, not like where it distracts you to a point where it is unuseable but it is noticeable.

Could it be a setting I should be trying out? Or should I wait for a software update since this tech is fairly new? Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, could you please tell me what specific head tracking software you are using? Nebula for Windows?

Sure. It’s called Phoenix head tracker. You can Google the name and you should be able to find many tutorials on how you want to set it up :wink:

OK, that is the third-party application developed by developers. We cannot guarantee the performance of this app.

Agreed. Thanks Nreal. Until the company comes up with something like this for PC gaming and simulation, this alternative could help for some.