Nreal Air, Steam Deck, Clone Hero question

Hey everyone!

Im looking for a bit of advice please, so I’ve just recently bought the nreal air glasses, I have a steam deck with clone hero on it and I am going to be modding my own guitar for it.

I noticed that my steam deck when using my usbc hub/dock doesn’t output my steam decks image to the glasses when connected, my plan is to try and find a way that I can put a usb or usbc guitar into my hub, glasses into hub and hub into steam deck, would be nice to charge it as well if possible but not necessary, would just love a portable clone hero set up to play anywhere.

Anyone have any thoughts at all on a way I could get around this ?

Thanks for viewing

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Hi, what kind of USB hub you are using? Maybe you can try other brands of hub?

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USB C Hub 4k 60Hz, Dockteck 7-in-1 Multiport USB-C Adapter with Ethernet Gigabit, HDMI 4K@60Hz, PD 100W, 2 USB 3.0, SD/microSD, USB C Dock for MacBook Pro/Air M1/M2, iPad Pro/Air, XPS 13 and More

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