Nreal Amazon PSA!

We’ve noticed sellers listing Nreal products at significantly lower prices.

We have heard of such frauds where scammers either take the money without shipping the products or shipping counterfeits. And we have finally come across some ourselves. Please be aware these are fraudulent practices aimed at cheating money off of consumers on Amazon.

Another bummer is that per Amazon’s rules, bad reviews for the counterfeits/frauds get lumped into existing reviews as they share the same product link. So depending on how long the frauds stay active, our product ratings may be severely impacted.

Please make sure you’re purchasing from Nreal US on Amazon! We are super thankful for your interest in and support our product!

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Ha! I thought NReal SEVERELY discounted the Airs, one day after I received my pair!

I saw one of those yesterday and though I was hoping for a Black Friday discount from you, the price was obviously too good to be true.