Nreal feature request

Hi Nreal,

I would like to request a 2D productivity feature that allows a head unlocked screen display(screen position reacts to head movement) without an app like Nubula i.e. independent of software running on Phone/PC/Mac.
This will be similar to what Lenovo T1 glasses can do. Assumedly, this is done entirely with a built-in DSP.
Ideally, would like to be able to switch between hand tracking and head unlocked 2D screen firmware modes using a button on the glasses.

Is this something planned for Nreal Light or Air?


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Sorry, but we don’t have such solution for glass currently.

Thanks @XREAL-dev

Is such a solution planned in the future?

Could you please clarify if this means that Lenovo T1 is not Qualcomm based or if it contains extra chips that Nreal does not ??
Or if Lenovo T1 is an equivalent XR1 Smart Viewer to Nreal Air?

Sorry but I cannot know too much about the internal parts of Lenovo T1, and I can tell you that our current plan is to realize fixing the virtual screen by PC software. I’m not sure if the new product will support this by the glass button.