Nreal Glasses Compatibility

There are now two key features available with Nreal AR glasses.

AR experiences

interaction with virtual objects with the AR abilities

Screen mirroring

A personal theater for watching movies, playing video games, and working.

AR Space with the Nreal Light👆The glasses can also be used for screen mirroring, which enables you to watch a movie on a huge virtual screen at home.


A compatible Android smartphone is required to use the AR Space.

  • Maximum of five movable screens will be in the air in the AR Space. These resizable screens can be fixed in position.

  • Air Casting is for screen mirroring. You had the option of Side Screen or Full Screen. Link

  • First, you need to download the Nebula app from the Google Play Store and then have access to AR Space as well as Air Casting.

For more details, you might want to look at this compatibility list.

Android Smartphone Compatibility List created by the Nreal Reddit Community

Incompatible smartphones and tablets that support DP Alt Mode, which confirms the USB Type-C port’s ability to output DP.

  • When plugged into these devices’ USB Type-C ports, the Nreal glasses will function as external displays for screen mirroring.

  • A virtual screen measuring 130 inches will be placed 4 meters away. The screen is not resizable and will stay in front of your eyes.

It’s possible that other smartphones and tablets that run the Android operating system and have Snapdragon chipsets later than the 845 will be able to access the Nebula AR Space. But since we didn’t put these things through enough testing and didn’t adapt Nebula for tablets, we couldn’t guarantee you a good AR experience with a device not listed.


The Nreal Air can be used with an iPhone for screen mirroring with the aid of an Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter and the Nreal Adapter.

:warning::warning::warning: Smartphones without DP output

As there is no DP output, a device that does not support DP Alt Mode, like the Google Pixel, cannot be used with these glasses. For these devices, we are developing a new streaming box.


Laptops that support DP Alt Mode, which confirms the USB Type-C port’s ability to output DP.

  • MacBook with a M-series processor

A Nebula for Mac will be released in October for 3Dof screen mirroring, giving you access to three movable virtual screens.

  • MacBook with an Intel processor

We are working on a 3Dof screen mirroring solution for this model of MacBook, but as of now, only screen mirroring is offered.

  • Other laptops

The only choice is screen mirroring for now, but we’ll look into other options as well.

Laptops that give HDMI output

A Nreal adapter is needed for screen mirroring in the glasses. However, there are known issues such as no sound. We will solve this problem through firmware update in November.


Gaming Consoles

  • Steam Deck

You can instantly access a large virtual gaming screen by plugging in the Nreal glasses.

Steam Deck FAQ

  • Switch / Play Station / Xbox

The Nreal Adapter is required in this combo to transfer the HDMI signal.

Switch must be docked in order to access the TV mode for an external display.

The OnePlus is still on your compatible list of phones but as far as I know it still doesn’t work with the NReal with the lasted Android version. Surely it should be removed or fixed??

As you have probably all noticed, we have long listed a known problem with the OnePlus.

"OnePlus 9/9 Pro and 9 RT cannot use the AR Space with a Nreal Air if their operating system is more recent than ColorOS12.1 (model number_11_C.65). We advise against upgrading. Downgrading the OS is an option. Nreal Light will be alright."

(Our main assumption is that the problem of the OnePlus with an Android OS later than ColorOS12.1 (model number_11_C.65) is mostly limited to models with a Snapdragon 888 chipset based on our testing.)

Please also refer to this post for more information about the OnePlus. Issue and a solution for OnePlus with an updated OS when using Nreal Air