Nreal glasses screen is flickering with nebula app running

nreal glasses screen is flickering with aggressive movement of glasses. its happening when nebula app is running . is it a nebula app or accelerometer issue? how do we disable accelerometer?

Hi, could you please tell me the phone model number and Android version? Also, I wondered if the flicker only happens in your developed app or all of the apps in Nebula?

flickering is happening with nebula app. no other app is running. we have used both one plus and sansung s23 phones.

OK, thanks for the further info. We will have a new Nebula app in a few days, which supports 72Hz. Please try that one then and check if it is still flickering for you.

this is a captured video of flickering. please have a look at it. let us know what could be the issue? will it be fixed with new version of nebula or new set of glasses?

Hi, according to your video, I don’t think it is the known flickering issue. It seems like the video signal is not stable. Please check if you have same issue under Air Casting mode, or connecting it to PC and check it.

Hello Xreal-dev,

Its happening when we are running our app through nebula app and tapping the glasses. so it has to do either with nebula app or something else. you can see in the video.

What about running about apps through Nebula app?

@XREAL-dev my xreal glasses screens flicker a lot when we are using in moving vehicle in AR SPACE mode not in air casting mode.
Nebula App version : v3.4.0(4040)
Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S22

Can you please help in this. Looking for positive response.

Hi, let me confirm the current issue. Is the image shaking or flickering on a bright background? If it is shaking, it could be due to the IMU data being influenced by the movement of the vehicle. In that case, please use the Air Casting mode when in a moving car. If the issue is flickering on a white background, you can try using a refresh rate of 72Hz instead of the default 60Hz.

@XREAL-dev , Thanks for your response. I need to run my own MR app in the glasses. I am using head orientation data also.
Pose headpose = NRFrame.HeadPose;
How can I get head orientation data in my app in air casting mode?
How can i use it in Air casting mode??
Is there anyway to control IMU data??
Can I access IMU sensor data??

I having this issues in moving vehicle condition. I tried with 60hz and 72hz. Issue still persists.

@XREAL-dev can you please revert back. its bit urgent for us.

Hi, the Pose data cannot be obtained in Air Casting mode. The IMU data is inaccessible in both modes.

@XREAL-dev So how this issue can be resolved? Is these glasses not built for using in moving vehicles?

Maybe you can use the 0Dof-Stable mode on a moving vehicle.

@XREAL-dev where can i find these settings?

@XREAL-dev is this setting available in nebula app? or there some other process to change it.

Hi @XREAL-dev can you please revert back?

You can configure your Unity project as Tracking 0Dof Stable before building the apk.