Nreal Light glasses turn off in MR SPACE mode

I use:
Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra sm-n986b/ds phone
Android 11 Firmware Version: N986BXXS2DUF1
Glasses Nreal Light NR-9101GGL
Firmware Version:
When I start the MR SPACE mode, the glasses turn off after about 20 seconds, maybe after 5 seconds and after a minute, always at different times, but in any case they turn off.
There is a second phone, it has the same processor (Exynos 990) and the glasses turn off there too, but after 2-3 minutes.
Can someone tell me what the problem might be and how to fix it?

It might not be related, but after using my glasses for 3 months the usb head has somewhat loosened (I always have the barcode on the plug part at the bottom). At random times my glasses would go dark. I started plugin the usb upside down (barcode at the top). It’s stopped going dark ever since. Hopefully it will last longer this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @Mr.FarePlay , but unfortunately it didn’t help.

I found a solution to the problem: if you put the phone in the “flight” mode, then everything works without problems. Apparently the SIM module is being checked and something is going wrong. After turning on Airplane mode, you can turn on Wi-Fi and blootuch.