Nreal Light official max operating and ambient temperature?

Hi everyone!
I’m developing an AR application for tourism in Italy in a location that gets very very hot during summer.
We basically already deployed the “standard” Android AR version of the experience and we were forced to install external heatsinks on devices to avoid warning and apps killed by the OS.

We’re now about to deploy the NReal Light port and I was looking for an official operating and ambient temperatures statement for both the devkit compute unit and the glasses only.

I searched online and on the forum and I didnt find any official statement, can anyone help?


Hi developer. The forehead temperature should be less than 39 degrees; all external parts touching the skin should be less than 45 degrees; the other external parts should be less than 55 degrees.
The above are the requirements that our Light should meet. Please take it as reference.

Hi thanks!
So the glasses should be under 39 degrees, right?

Yes, but it is for the forehead.